Here is a video made by HooplaHa.com about Lucky Tails and our founder, 13 year old Claire.

Lucky Tails Animal Rescue is an all-volunteer, non-profit dog rescue organization dedicated to saving the lives of homeless dogs and to educating the community about puppy mills and proper pet care. Lucky Tails doesn’t have a sanctuary to call it’s own. Instead, our dogs stay with temporary foster families while they wait for their forever family. Lucky Tails organizes adoption events where you can meet the Lucky Tails Pups in person. We also arrange meetings for adopters that fall in love with a Lucky Pup photo online. Lucky Tails Pups are more than just dogs. They are special future members of loving families. We welcome you to come and see for yourself!

What is a Lucky Tails Pup?

A Lucky Tails Pup is a fortunate dog that we have managed to save from a kill shelter in or around Connecticut. Lucky Tails Pups are very adoptable dogs that would’ve been euthanized in the kill shelters. We consider any dog in need as a Lucky Tails Pup!

Where do our dogs come from?

Our dogs come from kill shelters around the USA where they don’t have the space or funding to keep the dogs for very long. In these shelters, hundreds of highly adoptable dogs are euthenized every month through no fault of their own. They are also euthanized for lack of spay/neuter programs and overpopulation. One of the goals of Lucky Tails is to help as many of these Lucky Tails Pups as possible. All Lucky Tails Pups are spayed/neutered and are up to date on vaccinations.

Where do the Lucky Tails Pups stay before they get adopted? 

Lucky Tails Pups stay in a network of foster families. Since Lucky Tails doesn’t have a place to call their own, we rely heavily on the generosity of our wonderful network of foster families. Fosters are the core of Lucky Tails. We couldn’t rescue any dog without our fosters. Dogs stay in foster families in the Connecticut area.

How can I adopt a Lucky Tails Pup?

It’s simple! Just fill out our online questionaire to get the ball rolling!

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